What the fallen leaves reveal

Gone are the late summer warmth and lush green of the treescape, here to stay (for a while, at least) are the chilly temperatures and snowflakes. During the transition to white, I like to walk around the woods and peek deep into the branches to see what treasures were hidden by the dense fabric of leaves the trees had worn. Bird nests are one of my favorite finds. Tucked into the branches, cleverly hidden little tangles of twigs, mud, grasses and whatever else these opportunistic avians find to create a wind and weather resistant architecture appear in new locations every year. I mentally take note, and compare what I remember from previous years. My walks this year have revealed a good year for bird nests - lots of them in new places. Next up, a walk with the kids to see how many they can spot that I missed!

Wishing you wonderful walks in the woods from all of us here at Woods Reader!